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R-Optics is a reliable supplier of medical equipment for the diagnosis of eye pathologies and microsurgical operations, as well as the necessary instruments, intraocular lenses, and consumables. 

The company was founded in 1994 and has been helping doctors to carry out accurate diagnostics and modern treatment for patients for more than a quarter of a century. R-Optics presents a wide product line and a full cycle of services: from initial consultation to equipment installation, as well as mandatory educational programs for medical personnel on the process of efficient equipment operation taking into account the safety and comfort of patients.

The company is also engaged in the complex equipping of ophthalmological medical institutions of various levels:

  • federal medical centers;
  • regional and intermunicipal medical institutions;
  • private and corporate medical clinics.

R-Optics provides effective interaction with medical institutions in all regions of the Russian Federation. The company is a distributor and long-term partner of leading Western manufacturers and has established itself as a responsible supplier and reliable agent of innovative solutions for key partners.

R-Optics is:

  • advanced high quality equipment;
  • the most efficient and affordable service;
  • warranty and post-warranty support;
  • information support and training to operate the equipment;
  • high quality consumables.

Products sold


  • MANI: ophthalmic knives and sutures;
  • Rumex: IOLs, viscoelastics, staining liquids, cannulas, silicone oil, sponges;
  • FCI: lacrimal intubation sets and plugs;
  • D.O.R.C.: surgical systems for vitreoretinal and cataract surgery, consumables for them, instruments, PFCs, silicone oils, dyes.


  • Quantel Medical: expert grade ophthalmic diode lasers and ultrasound diagnostic devices;
  • Ellex Medical: anterior segment ophthalmic lasers with vitreolysis function, ophthalmic coagulators.
  • Oculus: computerized visual field perimeters, Pentacam corneal topographers, as well as an updated version with the function of high-precision optical biometrics and a modern IOL power calculator (Pentacam AXL) and Keratograph with the ability to analyze dry eye syndrome, autorefkeratometers with PARK pachymetry function, visual function analyzer Binoptometer 4P for a comprehensive study of the patient's visual functions, an analyzer of the biomechanical properties of the cornea + Corvis tonometer;
  • Topcon, Japan: non-contact tonometers, slit lamps, refractometers and keratometers, autoceratorefractometers-tonometers, phoroptors, optical biometers and topographers, optical coherence tomographs, retinal cameras, computer lensmeters, sign projectors;
  • Phoenix Technology Group: Icon ophthalmic imaging system with accessories, Phoenix wide-field retinal camera;
  • Heine: ophthalmoscopes, headlights, magnifiers;
  • SciCan: benchtop autoclaves;
  • Welch Allyn: ophthalmoscopes;
  • Medizs: refkeratometers, sign projectors.

Medical furniture:

  • Frastema: ophthalmologist workplaces;
  • Rini: operating tables and chairs.

R-Optics shares your professional values and guarantees a reliable supply of equipment and consumables, as well as high quality service.

Together we return excellent eyesight to people and change their lives for the better!

Moscow, Russia,
Tvardovskogo street, 8, building A, flour 4
Residents of innovation technopark "Strogino"
Technical support and service
(495) 780-92-55/56/59


Marketing and promotion
(495) 780-92-55/56/59


Saint Petersburg     
Belarus, Minsk
Kazakhstan, Almaty
Uzbekistan, Tashkent

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Официальный сайт R-Optics

Официальный сайт R-Optics

Официальный сайт R-Optics

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